Control of transparent materials

Transparent surfaces: QualiLENS® 200

Our solution QualiLENS® 200 is dedicated for the Optical lenses and Saphir qualification. Designed for automation control to Optical lenses, QualiLENS® 200 is adapted to use a operator workstation.

QualiLens 200 pour lentilles, glace de montre et autres pièces de petites tailles
Measurement field 60 x 60 mm*
Lateral resolution 20 μm *
Power supply 230 / 110 V – 16 A

QualiLENS® 200 allows with a unique piece of equipment to:


Optical power measurement (spherical, cylindric, prismatic, axes)


Dimensional Control (diameter)


Engravings and Code reading (« letters and numbers », identification of optical axes)


Automatic Defect Detection (edge defects, scratches, lathe and machining defects…)

Defect detection

30mm diameter sapphire watch glasses

contrôle des glaces de montres

Our system allows the automation of watch glass control by detecting dots, scratches and inclusions.

The faults are identified and located by the QualiLENS® 200 automatically.