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Quality issues in glass material are not only cosmetic but also affect the performance of the final product. Visuol’s technology brings unequalled precision to eye-inspection: your quality controls no longer rely on human criteria but objective measured data.


Visuol Technologies' solutions generate images and measurements of unequalled precision. They allow you to set precise quality levels, compare new materials or processes.


Our equipment detects and measures optical distortion, characterises local defects and inspect shape, measures flatness or local waviness.


Our range of products was extended over the years to answer glass manufacturers’ specific needs in laboratory or production.

They enable you to fine-tune your process at an early stage to reduce rejects.

Performances & benefits



  • Measure optical distortion

  • Characterise local defects: scratches, inclusions, chips, etc.

  • Inspect shape, flatness and local waviness

  • Field of measurement from cm² to m²

  • µm accuracy


  • Objective and reliable data and images

  • Parameters set to your quality levels

  • Fast and non-destructive control

  • Storing images and data for traceability

  • Inspection report editing and production statistics

Equipment range



Visuol offer flexible solutions to laboratory or robust design for manufacturing plant floor. Our products are custom-made to fit your environment and are set to your quality control parameters.


From portable (QualiSENSOR Compact) to integrated machines (QualiSURF LED, BEAM, XL, etc.), we will advise you on the optimal configuration to suit your production lines and rates.

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Supported by Région Lorraine