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In a highly regulated environment, medical device manufacturing must meet tough quality standards.

OrthoSURF brings unequalled precision and reliability to eye-inspections. Your quality controls no longer rely on human criteria but objective measured data.

Cutting metals is challenging as well as reaching the required finish and dimensional acuracy, ending up in defects from gates cutting and swarf grinding.


In a few seconds, OrthoSURF automatically detects and measures texture and local defects such as scratches, dents, roughness on condyles, tibial plate, etc. It then classifies the parts into pass, fail or operator decision according to your acceptance levels.


Our devices are specifically designed for production rates and environments and can be integrated into your lines.

They help fine-tuning your process at an early stage to reduce rejects.

Performances & benefits



  • Objective and reliable data and images

  • Parameters set to your quality levels

  • Fast (less than two minutes a piece) and contact-free

  • Batch identification via barcode reading

  • Storing images and data for traceability

  • Inspection report editing and production statistics

Equipment range



OrthoSURF ONE for a thorough analysis of a single implant either in laboratory or plant floor.


OrthoSURF PRO for an automated control by batch to suit production rates.

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Supported by Région Lorraine