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To guarantee high-quality standards to lens distributors, health professionals and patients, with QualiLENS your quality controls no longer rely on human criteria but objective measured data.


For years, our solutions have secured the production of made-to-order lenses.


In a few seconds, QualiLENS automatically detects and measures defects such as turning and polishing lines, edge defects, scratches or tears on lenses. It then classifies the controlled lens into pass, fail or operator decision according to preset acceptance levels.


It generates real-time control thus allowing you to set precise quality levels, print a control report and fine-tune the production process.


Performances & benefits



  • Objective and reliable data and images

  • Parameters set to your quality levels

  • Fast (only a few seconds per lens) and contact-free

  • Performant on ALL types of contacts and IOLs (multifocal, toric, aspherical, scleral etc.), and spectacle lenses

  • Many complementary functions to read laser marks, control positioning, etc.

  • Storing images and data for traceability right to final packaging

  • Inspection report editing and production statistics

QualiLENS equipment range



QualiLENS ONE for a thorough analysis of a single lens on the production floor, it can also be used for product development in R&D.


QualiLENS PRO for an automated control by batch to suit production rates.

QualiLENS IMAGING the ideal tool for an enhanced eye-inspection, great images and still offering full traceability. It is the perfect means to automate your QC process step by step.

Ask for our QualiLENS Imaging product sheet for specifications and benefits

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