Inspection of reflective surfaces
and transparent materials

Transparent materials : QualiLENS® 400

QualiLENS® 400 is used to characterise transparent materials such as:

  • Windshields / glass roofs
  • Bottle preforms / flasks
QualiSENSOR pour pare-brise
Measurement range 240 x 1800 mm*
Lateral resolution 100 μm
Accuracy < 2 mo*
Power supply 230 / 110 V – 16 A

Each user may have different applications and therefore different needs, we exclusively design customised systems.


Defect detection

Any aesthetic and / or functional defect of the transparent material will be detected and assessed by the QualiLENS® 400 in a matter of seconds.

Some application examples are:

Bottle preforms and flasks

In this application, QualiLENS® 400 detects and measures scratches on a plastic container used for blood analysis. This means that parts inspected after injection reveal tool or process faults.

Characteristic measurement

Characteristics such as optical distortion are important parameters in a large number of industrial processes: windshields, aeronautical glazing, etc.

The technology of the QualiLENS® 400 is particularly well suited to this type of characterisation.


Mesure des distorsions optiques d’un vitrage

The QualiLENS® 400 measures optical distortions on all or part of a glazing.

The results provided by the QualiLENS® 400 are compatible with products / processes subject to the ECE R43 standard.