Detection and measurement of spectacle glasses

Specialist in the inspection of spectacle glasses:

V-optics is a unique partner on the path of «ZERO DEFECT».

Our QualiLENS 300 solution, dedicated to the qualification of spectacle glasses allows with a unique piece of equipment to:

  • Perform cosmetic inspection (scratch, point, coating defect …)
  • Locate optical center and axes (single vision and progressive glasses)
  • Locate engravings and code
  • Dimensional control (diameter)

Designed for maximum precision and short measurement cycles, our solutions are available in different configurations to meet your needs and ensure optimum process safety.

Technical specification :

QualiSENSOR pour pare-brise
Height 635 mm
Width 342 mm
Depth 310 mm
Weight 27 kg
Measuring field 90x90 mm

Industry and research centers that rely on our expertise expect for:


Continuously control and improve the production process and reduce rejection rates.
In intermediate control on the production line, it is a monitoring tool for your manufacturing processes with alert thresholds for maintenance. And for your fast delivery services, it ensures a quick reprocessing of an order at each stage in case of a defect.


Monitor product properties and trace defects.
You guarantee to your customers the traceability of the control of your spectacle glasses delivered to them.


Automate cosmetic control by providing objectivity on the criteria established between the supplier and the customer.
A defect bank and customizable algorithms that allow the identification of each type of defect.


Provide measurements and objective values on surface defects or its characteristics to R&D and Quality departments.
The QualiLENS 300 automatic defect detection method, powered by decision trees and AI-free algorithms, is fully compatible with the stringent requirements of standards for the most demanding "medical devices," particularly in the field of optics, such as Intraocular Lenses (IOL).

Example of results :

The separation of dust and fibers (blue) from other accepted defects (green) or non-accepted defects (red).

Exemple de résultat pour QualiLens 300
Exemple de résultat pour QualiLens 300

Example of coating defect:

Zoom on coating defect:

Zoom sur les défauts de vague de vernis

Coating wave

Zoom sur les défauts de point de vernis

Coating point