Expert in the automated inspection of defects on transparent materials and reflective surfaces

your partner on the way to achieve «ZERO DEFECTS»

V-OPTICS designs and rolls out automated visual inspection machines for companies and industrial groups in the ophthalmic and industrial sectors.
We specialise in the characterisation of reflective surfaces and transparent materials, positioning ourselves as a crucial partner in achieving 'zero defect' standards.

Originating from research, the technology used by V-Optics is now applied in the industry, wherever the quality and reliability of products depend on the absence of defects.
It upgrades visual defect inspection by automating the identification, classification and sorting of defects.

Our mission

To provide you with leading-edge technologies to control products and optimise the manufacturing process in order to increase productivity

Cosmetic defect detection is important in many industries, such as manufacturing of precision optics, sapphire glass, aerospace and automotive, where quality, traceability and even the slightest defect matter.

We work closely with manufacturers to configure and roll out our technology in their factories to automatically detect manufacturing defects.

Technologie de détection des défauts de surface
L'équipe V-Optics

A Fast-Growing Team

Our team, which has been growing since we started in 2018, is made up of professionals, all driven by a common mission: to meet the challenges of quality control and defect detection for our industrial customers.

With a majority of engineers, including PhDs, the company has acquired the necessary skills to develop and industrialise innovative solutions.

Innovation, excellence, commitment and performance: these are the values that guide every member of our research and development, production, sales and support teams.
All involved in the success of our customers' projects! these are the values that guide every member of our R&D, production, sales and support teams.

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