Upgrade your defect detection with automated inspection

Industry Ophthalmics

V-OPTICS, your partner on the way to achieve «ZERO DEFECTS», designs and rolls out automated visual inspection machines for the most demanding manufacturing environments.
Solutions dedicated to manufacturing process, where quality, traceability and even the slightest visual defect matter.

Contrôle qualité en industrie

Switch to automated inspection system

Subjectivity, variability, reduced productivity, lengthy extensive training and expertise of inspectors...
It is time to switch to automated inspection for defect detection in manufacturing and overcome the limitations of visual inspection.

Objectivité et répétabilité

Objectivity and consistency

Digital evaluation ensures reliable and consistent assessment

Précision accrue

Increased accuracy

Advanced optical processing achieves a level of precision beyond human capability



Capability to capture and archive images and reports for all inspection operations

Opérations simplifiées

Simplified operations

User-friendly system turning every operator into inspection experts

Productivité accrue

Increased productivity

Faster and smoother inspection, optimized quality costs, and avoidance of overquality costs
(only true non-conformities are rejected)

V-OPTICS, your partner on the way to achieve «ZERO DEFECTS»
The combined expertise of V-OPTICS in optics, image processing, industrial IT and industrialisation offers a comprehensive approach to meet the specific challenges of every production environment.


Defect visualisation

V-OPTICS designs and manufactures automated visual inspection machines dedicated to the characterisation of reflective surfaces and transparent materials.
The innovative approach of our systems lies in the combination of optical technologies and advanced software engineering.
The optical technology used is based on phase shifting deflectometry.

Image processing

V-OPTICS technology goes beyond defect visualisation.
Image processing through cutting-edge algorithms enables not only manufacturing defects detection but also automatic defect classification and sorting.

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The successful implementation of automated cosmetic inspection in a factory is no easy feat. It requires a strategic and methodical approach.
Our experts will guide you through every key step in the transformation process.

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Trusted by ophthalmic and industrial leaders

Top 5 industries upgrading quality control with V-OPTICS technology

Industrie ophtalmique

Ophthalmic industry

Fabricants d'optiques de précision

Precision optics manufacturers

Fabricants de verres saphir

Sapphire glass manufacturers

Industrie automobile

Automotive industry

Industrie aéronautique

Aerospace industry

“Your technology rocks”

Senior manufacturing engineer

Leading manufacturer of specialty contact lenses

“We’ve been manufacturing lenses for 50 years and inspected them the same way, but now we’re entering a new era. We get a 21st century inspection equipment.”

Optical Engineer

Leading manufacturer of implantable lenses

“We’ve established a relationship based on trust, and we’re in a true partnership mode”

Project Manager Process Engineering

Leading manufacturer of IOL

Automated defect inspection systems

Control of transparent materials

Control of reflective surfaces

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